8th January, 2014

Talking to Inside Soap, Zoe Lucker spoke about her upcoming developments – including a spark with George Windsor and a new job in the School Canteen.

“Carol’s not shouting all the time which has made a nice change. We are going to see a much lighter side of Carol, and I think viewers will be surprised.

“I’ve been working with such an ace set of people and I have had a lot of laughs myself.

“I’m having so much fun with Carol working in the canteen. The new job comes after she goes into the school to see Christine and plead poverty over her daughter Dynasty’s school trip.

“She’s wearing no make-up at the time and she thinks it will help her cause if she looks terrible! But rather than offering to pay for the trip, Christine sends her straight off to work in the kitchens!

“George ends up stepping in to defend her when her creepy boss misbehaves, and the ball starts rolling from there.

“Carol finds out that George’s mother is rich – and of course, Carol will always go for the money. But she is also surprised by how fond she becomes of him!

“They are total opposites but a genuine connection develops between the two of them.”