Tariq Siddiqui is to return for a one-off episode.Tariq-Returns

Naveed Choudhry, who played Tariq, returns for one episode – that will air on October 17th.

Arriving after Grantly’s death, Tariq offers support to Maggie Budgen (Melanie Hill).

Speaking to What’s On TV, Choudhry said:

“It’s been a hard secret to keep. Lots of Waterloo Road fans ask me on Twitter about Tariq coming back, so I’ve been saying, ‘You never know!’ I’ve kept it guarded.
“I can’t help but respond to questions like that on Twitter. It’s such a great forum to interact with fans of the show – when I was young there was nothing like that.

“I often get asked about how to get into acting, and it’s nice to be able to point people in the right direction.”