Former Air-Hostess Sue Spark (now Lowsley) became a teacher to impress her fiance, Simon Lowsley and her father, who is in charge of education at the local council. Despite this, she does enjoy Science – but needs improvement on actually teaching the subject. Unfortunately for Sue, the pupils soon nicknamed her “sick bag” due to her previous career.

Naive, Sue’s made some stupid mistakes (such as bribing Barry Barry to control her classes), and Simon’s had to cover her tracks so he doesn’t look bad. But Sue’s determined to prove her critics wrong – and after a rocky relationship, Simon and Sue eventually eloped and are now married – will it be happily ever after?

Sue’s sister, Vix, has developed a new relationship with Nikki Boston. While Vix and Sue have a good relationship, Sue’s not entirely accepting of Vix’s sexuality. Sue’s marriage to Simon soon started to unravel when she began an affair with Hector – causing all three of them to leave the school under a veil of shame.