Simon Lowsley is overly ambitious about his career: it’s what he works hard for, and has a tendency to put his ambitions before his relationships and common sense. Unafraid to show his ambitions, Simon arrived at Waterloo Road determined to head for the top – and finding himself engaged in professional warfare with Christine Mulgrew and George Windsor.

Always ready with a new idea, Simon’s introduced many worthwhile programs and incentives at Waterloo Road, and has a natural talent for controlling classes and communicating with students. He’s always got the best interests of the pupils in his mind – but his driven-for-success attitude can sometimes cloud his judgement.

Engaged to Sue Spark – who, coincidentally, is the daughter of a man in charge of Education at the council – Simon genuinely loves her, but is left embarrassed by her incredibly rocky start to her new career in teaching.

Simon’s ambitious attitude was soon reeled in when he saw the damage it was doing to his relationship, and to his professional judgement. Now happy to be second-in-command to Christine Mulgrew – one can only imagine what’s next for not-so-simple Simon…!

Now handling his ambitious attitude in a better way, Simon wants to keep Waterloo Road on the up – his new incentive scheme may cause a few headaches, however.