Grantly returns to teaching at Waterloo Road and finds the school as chaotic as ever. Kacey faces her first big boxing fight and Barry sees an opportunity to make some money. Sue turns to tranquilisers to get her through the school day.

Grantly returns to teaching but tells Maggie he’s having second thoughts as he reaches the school gates. To ease him back in, Christine asks him to help out with the National Schools Poetry competition, which leads to a misunderstanding when a bad-tempered Grantly wrongly accuses Harley of plagiarism.

It’s the day of Kacey’s first big fight and she’s dreaming of going all the way to the Commonwealth Games, but Barry Barry can only see an opportunity to make money as he takes bets against her winning.

Now that he’s no longer being paid to control her class, Barry also sets out to make Sue’s life difficult and she turns to tranquilisers to cope with her classes.