Simon and Christine are under pressure as they go up for the headship and they clash over how to deal with a bullied pupil. Simon’s got cold feet over his wedding to Sue and the school is shocked when Kacey’s boxing fund is stolen putting her place at the training camp in jeopardy.

It’s the day of the interviews for the headship and both Simon and Christine are up against it. Christine knows that Simon has Bain’s support and with Imogen’s mum also on the interview panel she’s worried that the odds are stacked against her.

Simon’s feeling under extra pressure by his future father-in-law and he’s still not sure if he wants to marry Sue. When Christine asks him to sort things out for a bullied pupil, his mind is on other things and the boy’s problems with Shaznay and Lisa’s girl gang escalate throughout the day.

Nikki is shocked to discover that someone has stolen Kacey’s boxing fund putting her place at the training camp at risk. When a distraught Kacey finds out the identity of the thief the news threatens to split the Barry family for good.