With the school still in mourning for Tom Clarkson at the start of the new term, Audrey is out of her depth when she suspects new pupils, Lenny and Lisa, are being neglected; newly qualified teacher, Sue Spark, feels the pressure on her first day; and deputy head, Simon, harbours a secret from his colleagues.

Enrolled into Waterloo Road by their older brother and guardian, Larry, scruffy twins, Lenny and Lisa Brown make quite an impression on their first day – for all the wrong reasons.

Visibly dishevelled, Lenny and Lisa’s appearance worries Audrey who barely recognises the bright, happy children she once taught at Havelock High.

When Christine dismisses Audrey’s concerns about the Brown twins, she takes matters into her own hands, visiting their home. Once there, a horrified Audrey discovers Larry is growing and dealing drugs.

Less-than-impressed, Larry lashes out at Audrey who quickly escapes to Waterloo Road – but before she can report the incident, Larry arrives to remove the twins.

Later, at the school’s football match, Audrey’s private concerns become public – with far-reaching consequences for the Browns. And, unbeknown to Audrey, her actions make her the target of a hate campaign by Lisa.

Elsewhere, the school mourns the passing of Tom – especially a troubled Kacey Barry who struggles to cope without her teacher and mentor, much to the concern of Nikki.

There’s a new face in school as recently qualified science teacher, Sue, finds the reality of teaching harder than she thought; and new deputy head, Simon, harbours a secret which could affect his career and unsettle the Waterloo Road staffroom.