Rose didn’t know countryside existed until she was in her early teens.  She lived and breathed the mile radius around her council flat and like most of the other girls around her, was pregnant by the age of sixteen.

Rose was introduced in series four as the anti-social, alcoholic matriarch of a large brood of kids fathered by four different men.  With the encouragement and support of Rachel Mason and Tom Clarkson, Rose finally cleaned up her act, getting sober and landing a job in the school kitchens.  Rose loves her kids dearly and wants them to do well at Waterloo Road. But discipline has never been her strong point – she prefers to be her kids’ best friend rather than their parent.

With Marley off at University and Earl serving a long sentence in a young offenders’ institution, Rose has grown incredibly close to her middle children Sam and Denzil.  Rose is devastated when Sam is diagnosed with cancer but knows she needs to be strong for them.