Rhiannon was a former Rochdale pupil, although she went largely unnoticed by students (and viewers) ¬†until she moved to Scotland and decided she wasn’t going to go unnoticed any longer. Initially, this was at the expense of Scout, who was the victim of Rhiannon’s bullying – a result of Rhiannon’s own self-esteem issues.

She’s settled into Waterloo Road now, and is residing at the boarding house. Although she’s made friends, she’s often taken advantage of – one example is being humiliated by Darren Hughes and Barry Barry.

Rhiannon’s got feisty and manipulative side, and although she’s not the brightest pupil in the school, she essentially has a good heart and just wants to be accepted by her peers.

New student Gabriella Wark soon takes Rhiannon under her wing as her lapdog – causing friction with Rhiannon’s existing friends, Imogen and Dynasty. After growing to accept herself, Rhiannon started a relationship with fellow student Darren – and it seems the two lovebirds may live happily ever after!