When Rachel joined Waterloo Road she was considered by the LEA to be one of the best head teachers around. As an innovator she was never afraid to take risks to deliver quality education to the poorest sectors of society. Her own background as a high class prostitute turned teacher means that Rachel has daily proof that people can change. Despite trying to keep this and other aspects of her personal life private she does sometimes find it clashing with her life at school. The arrival of her sister Melissa, in particular, brings Rachel’s personal life firmly into the school. After a brief relationship with Melissa, Eddie finally came to his senses and after much will, they won’t they, Rachel and Eddie finally got together. But when Melissa returned to the school pregnant with Eddie’s child, Rachel felt she had to stand by her sister – something she couldn’t do if she was still with Eddie.

She later found love with Adam Fleet who showed her all the fun she was missing out on. It was a difficult lesson for workaholic Rachel and not without its hurdles but Rachel makes the big decision of marrying Adam and leaving the school to go travelling with him.