Ex-Army Nikki Boston has arrived as part of a fast-track initiative to improve discipline in schools. Nikki’s ambitious – she’s determined to work her way to the top, although her nose was put out of joint when she was replaced as Deputy Head.

Nikki loves a challenge, and will approach in a tough, no-nonsense way – but under her strict shell is a woman who genuinely cares about the students at Waterloo Road: and she’ll do whatever she can to help a student out of a bad situation.

She’s not a teacher to mess with – but she is a teacher you want your side.

After bumping into Sue’s sister, Vix, Nikki finds herself in a new relationship that quickly becomes serious. But with a new teacher developing a more-than-professional interest in her, which in turn brings the attentions of a jealous student, it’s not going to be plain sailing – and Nikki’s also worrying how she’ll break the news to her estranged daughter, Eve.