A talented musician, boyishly good-looking Matt is enthusiastic and will work round the clock at things that really interest him, such as the production of a Waterloo Road musical. He’s got a good rapport with the kids and as a result has found himself helping out with some of the school’s more difficult pupils as they embark on vocational training and life skills.

Matt’s first girlfriend back in Cheshire, Charlotte, was also his last.

Matt’s been with Colin, his boyfriend, for three years, but for most of it referred to him as his ‘housemate’. The fact that Matt was unwilling to live openly as a gay man was a source of constant rows between them and even after he came out, first to the school and then to his overbearing mother, the relationship was doomed to failure. Now Matt finds himself newly single and is burying his grief in a partying lifestyle.

He returns to Waterloo Road following a spell at an independent school. Handpicked by Michael to once again head up the Music and Drama departments and oversee the introduction of a school orchestra. Whilst he firmly gets his feet back under his desk at Waterloo Road his best friend Rosie has other ideas to keep him busy. Matt’s agreed to be sperm donor but will their friendship withstand the pressure of impending parenthood?