Lenny arrived at Waterloo Road with his twin sister, Lisa, but had a traumatic first day after Audrey McFall had their older brother arrested.

The twins were soon housed in the boarding house, but unfortunately for Lenny, Lisa was hell-bent on revenge. Lenny has a very caring side, and is more down-to-Earth than his sister – but as a result, he often lives in her shadow and finds himself involved in whatever scheme she wants to set up.

Lenny’s capable of calming Lisa down, but often finds himself having to build up the courage to do so – while an impressionable Lenny has a tendency to get carried away in the moment.

After a close-call with a fake teacher last term, Lisa’s more protective of Lenny than ever. After managing to overcome all the challenges of his education, Lenny managed to become a great student, determined to make a name for himself – and a close friend and confidant to some of Waterloo Road’s more challenged pupils.