Kyle is from a long-time benefit family who’ve lost their desire to get off the handouts. Mrs Stack gets what she can from the state and spends it on booze and fags. Mrs Stack doesn’t want a job and as such, it’s hard for Kyle to see the point in getting an education.

Kyle is every teacher’s worst nightmare: mouthy, disrespectful and disruptive. He honestly doesn’t give a crap which makes disciplining him a nightmare and isn’t scared of expulsion as he doesn’t want to be there anyway.  There really isn’t much to recommend about this surly, aggressive child – he has none of the cheeky intelligence of Finn or the spark and potential of Ronan, and if the teachers were being honest they’d admit Kyle’s a bit of a lost cause. When he first started at Waterloo Road, Kyle quickly assembled a gang of wannabes and did his best to spend as little time as possible at school. Series 7, finally sees Kyle taking some responsibility when he discovers that his girlfriend’s had a baby.