There’s no denying he’s a bright spark, but his occasional smugness and new-found confidence can make Kevin Chalk (formerly Skelton) a little irritating to others. Nonetheless, he managed to start a relationship with the glamourous Dynasty Barry: although it took him a while to realise how lucky he was.

Kevin was brought up in care – and as a result had low self-esteem and a hidden burden of anger. But he was eventually adopted by fellow geek, teacher Daniel Chalk, and Kevin’s found himself more confident and happier than he has ever been – even though his relationship with Dynasty has made him have to deal with the trials and tribulations of the Barry family!

He’s cheeky and witty – but there’s no denying Kevin can be naive. After a confusing crush on George Windsor’s wife, Princess, Kevin and Dynasty’s relationship was in tatters. But after winning back her heart, it seems they’re back true to form and Kevin’s about to embark on a bright future.