Tough, feisty and football mad, Kacey Barry is on the surface another grubby tomboy with a quick temper. But tenacious Kacey is extremely loyal.

Kacey isn’t as glam as Dynasty or mother Carol, and when she questioned her gender, Carol and older brother Barry were disgusted. Kacey’s strong – but she’s also a sensitive and caring person who’s looking for her identity.

Kacey struggled with Tom Clarkson’s death – he was one of the first people ever to support and stand by her completely – and this caused Kacey to be sent spiraling into a state of anger. Luckily, Nikki Boston managed to curb the anger, and discovered that Kacey’s not only a great footy player, but a talented boxer!

Kacey’s heart was broken when she discovered big brother Barry was the one responsible for the missing funds for her boxing course in America. Disaster struck again when Gabriella was responsible for a career-threatening injury, placing Kacey in a difficult position when revenge came at the hands of her peers that was a step too far.