Harley Taylor used to live in his older brother’s shadow – he tried to be as ‘bling’ and ‘cool’ as Phoenix – but the truth was Harley was the more sensitive, and indeed likeable, of the siblings.

Harley doted his Grandma and was devastated by her death – after all, it was Harley was the one who spent all his time at night playing cards with her. Since her death, Harley found himself lost – but eventually settled into Waterloo Road – and even developed a bond with cynical Grantly Budgen as a surrogate Grandparent figure.

Harley can be gullible and naive – after all, it was his Nan, or Phoenix, who used to make the decisions for him – and when their estranged father arrived, Harley was desperate to develop a family relationship.

After moving up to Scotland with the school, he settled into the boarding house and developed a close bond with Lula Tsibi. With a bit of money saved up from Lottery winnings and a determination to finish his exams, Harley may be one of Waterloo Road’s more happier success stories.