Grantly’s been nearing retirement age for as long as anyone at Waterloo Road can remember, but his cynical disenchantment hasn’t stopped him from leaving the teaching profession.

Looking slightly scruffy and tired, anyone would think teaching is the thing Grantly hated most in the world – indeed, at times, it seemed as if Grantly would prefer schools if there were no students to teach. But Grantly showed us all since we’ve known him at Waterloo Road that he’s got a caring side, and indeed the staff room is quite without him, and that there are a few students that Grantly has taken a shine to.

Grantly was previously married to Fleur, his beloved wife of many years, a woman which was the most important thing in his life – not that it stopped him drinking and gambling away a great deal of their personal property. Grantly was left heartbroken when Fleur was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s which lead to eventual and unfortunate heart-breaking death.

Grantly since remarried to Maggie, and since then Grantly has mellowed, become a surrogate father figure for the girls and boys in the boarding house. But Grantly’s cards soon became stacked against him when he fell ill with kidney failure. Although it seemed there was hope for Grantly, it wasn’t long until we had to say an unfortunate goodbye to one of Waterloo Road’s most irritating, frustrating and most-loved teachers.