George is the new Languages teacher – an old drinking buddy of new Acting Head Christine Mulgrew.

After spending time in China, where he met his estranged wife, Princess, George arrived back in England and was soon teaching up in Scotland at Waterloo Road. The fact of the matter is, however, that George isn’t that great a teacher – nor does he know the content particularly well. This might be a tad problematic considering Christine wants him to build a new Mandarin program from the Education Authority…

Princess soon got fed up of George’s attitude and left, leaving George to take solace in alcohol.

He’s not all bad – he’s got a dark, dry sense of humour and he appears to have Christine’s back – especially if it’s a chance to get back at Simon, who he seems to find annoyingly passionate about his job!

Desperate to impress Christine, and taking his job more seriously, George is about to find an unlikely source of romance after the departure of his wife, Princess. A will-it, won’t-it romance with Christine soon developed, and after returning to Waterloo Road – albeit as the boyfriend of a local council member – George found himself siding with Waterloo Road – after helping Bonnie with her bullying problem, George couldn’t bring himself to abandon Waterloo Road in its hour of need.