Waterloo Road’s resident posh-girl. Expelled from her last school for disturbing and obsessive behaviour, she’s been sent to Waterloo Road by her parents as a form of ‘tough love’. Embedded in Gabriella’s relationship with her parents is a past tragedy that they still secretly blame her for – Gabriella’s sister was run over by a car when Gabriella and her got off the bus – a bus ride which they took only because their father was late picking them up from school.

Raised by career obsessed parents, Gabriella forms disturbing and obsessive attachments. She causes trouble on a regular basis and struggles to make friends. She may have all the material goods a girl her age could want – but she’s been starved of love and affection.

It’s not long until Gabriella is making all the wrong impressions at Waterloo Road – and developing an obsessive crush on a new teacher. Gabriella’s cruel jealousy and antics made her the target of vicious bullying, but after seeking therapy, Gabriella was determined to make friends and make up for her past behaviour.