Cesca always found teaching Spanish easy – her mother is a native Spanish speaker, having taught Cesca and her three sisters the language from year dot so she’s a natural.  Cesca teaches for the long holidays and a chance to travel the world.  Highly attractive, she’s sexually confident, and is flirty even with the students. It is this which often draws her into other people’s problems, a personality trait which often finds her in hot water.

Cesca’s sense of right and wrong is challenged like never before as she finds herself falling in love with year 12 pupil Jonah Kirby. Cesca tried all sorts of tactics to stop thinking about Jonah, including dating Tom, but she eventually decided to give in to temptation and embark on a passionate affair. But this isn’t some casual fling and as the relationship reaches new levels of commitment when Cesca reveals she is pregnant and Jonah proposes. Cesca is seized by the police directly after their elopment at Gretna Green.