Dressed nicely and always in a pair of heels, glam-queen Dynasty Barry is beautiful, smart and ambitious. She’ll use her instant appeal to get what she wants from the boys, while her mother has used Dynasty’s appearance to ensure that she’ll marry well and keep on the family line.

But Dynasty’s got her own ambitions – she’s determined to make something of herself, and she’s prepared to do it with or without the Barry surname. It’s taken a while for Dynasty to reach her potential, and the arrival of ex-boyfriend (and ex-crim) Steve-O nearly set things back – but luckily, big brother Barry did the right thing during a dramatic stand-off with Steve-O, leaving Dynasty free to live her life. That’s not to say that Dynasty doesn’t always make the most well-informed decisions, of course…!

After storming to success in school, Dynasty’s left Waterloo Road determined to have a bright future ahead of herself – and we’re sure she will!