Gorgeous and oozing sex appeal, Chris got through life utilising his boy-next-door charm and personable demeanour, but there is something more substantial behind his laid-back façade. Chris gives up his champagne lifestyle as a commercial lawyer to join Waterloo Road as a science teacher. Chris is a favourite both amongst the pupils and in the staffroom – no one can fault his dedication to his profession as he quickly zoomed up the ranks to become Deputy Head. A brief relationship with Kim Campbell in series five soon ended when she had a baby from a previous relationship and felt the need to dedicate herself totally to motherhood.

Karen saved Chris’s job at the end of series six, despite knowing that he’s unwittingly bedded her youngest daughter who was also a pupil at the school but Chris continues to get too involved in the lives of his pupils and decides to leave the school after getting heavily involved in Scout’s impoverished family, becoming more like a surrogate father to her. This incident made him realise that teaching was not for him and he left Waterloo Road.