Christine’s in her late 30’s, and is a recovering alcoholic. Scottish by birth, Christine arrived at Waterloo Road hiding her dangerous habit – on the surface, Christine appeared successful and efficient.

Christine’s alcoholism is now under control (for the time being at least), but there’s no denying that it’s caused its fair share of trouble – such as a dangerous fire and an allegation of bullying against Audrey McFall.

Now a headmistress, Christine’s determined to get the school under control and show the depths of her talents. With most of the staff on side, it seems possible – but Christine will soon realise it’s those working closest to you that you have to watch out for.

After a difficult term with Simon, Christine’s throwing herself back into her role – and without the pressure of a rival, she’s got her head screwed on and her addiction under control. Unfortunately, Connor’s impending departure may have a huge effect on Christine: will she be able to keep hold of everything she’s achieved?

After settling back into her role away from the Headmaster’s office, Christine’s natural intelligence gave Vaughan some food for thought when handling the school and the students. A will-it, won’t-it romance with George became apparent – but whether or not they ever made it is anyone’s guess!