Barry Barry – a Barry by nature and name (twice) – a stirrer, with a cruel, twisted and calculating nature than can often be hidden behind charm. Fancying himself as a lovable rogue, he’s fiercly protective of the Barry name and the family members – but only because he’s obsessed with how they appear to other people.

The apple of his mother, Carol’s eye, Barry’s been able to get away with a lot but has had his fair share of learning experiences whilst at Waterloo Road – including watching Dynasty suffer at the hands of ex-boyfriend Steve-O, and younger sister Kacey struggling with her gender identity.

Always up for making money, it’s Barry’s money making schemes that get him – or those around him – in trouble. But he finally became unstuck when he was discovered to be taking part in illegal trafficking of people. Dismayed by his actions, his own family made sure he was caught by the police.