Old-fashioned by appearance, Audrey houses an extremely caring nature and a razor-sharp wit. Although you wouldn’t believe it, there seems to be a naughty side to Audrey that suggests that she wasn’t always as straight-laced as she is now, and she has a wicked sense of humour to prove it.

Lured out of retirement, Audrey was a former Havelock High teacher. After numerous run-ins with alcoholic Christine Mulgrew, they slowly developed a strange, out-of-balance friendship where Audrey always tries her best to ensure Christine is okay. Audrey also experienced a short-lived romance with a Ndale, an African citizen, but unfortunately the truth of Ndale’s intentions soon became clear.

Recovering from the heartbreak, Audrey threw herself back into teaching – taking particular care of the Lenny & Lisa. Although she always has the best intentions, Audrey has a tendency to do the wrong thing and cause moments of chaos – but no one can ever doubt her genuine care. Her friendship with Christine is tempestuous to say the least – but Audrey always has her friend’s best interests at heart… And Audrey has certainly never lost the sixties, protest spirit that she once had!