Aiden Scotcher came to Waterloo Road in the sixth form with his father, site manager Rob. Built from a different mould than his reliable and stalwart father, Aiden completely takes after his absent mother; he’s a self-assured, incurable flirt who swaggers around convinced the world owes him a favour. It’s not that Aiden is bad at heart, it’s just that life is kind to someone this good-looking and Aiden’s learnt he can usually get what he wants by turning on the charm with a cheeky wink or comment.

Rob constantly pushes his son, determined that Aiden will have all the opportunity and advantages, which he squandered during his own youth. Aiden is immediately attracted to his best mate’s girlfriend, Vicki, but diverts himself with her friend Jess however Aiden and Vicki can’t be kept apart and things get even more complicated when both girls fall pregnant. Aiden tries to grow up and do the best by both girls as well as working out where his true feelings lie. Aiden was still trying to prove to Jess he could turn over a new leaf when he left Waterloo Road.